Long-Term Success Driven By Strategic Asset Allocation


Enhanced Income





Diversified Growth

*Enhanced Income: Cash + 1% p.a. over any rolling 3 year period

*Guarded: CPI+ 2% p.a. over any rolling 3 year period                  

*Temperate: CPI+ 3% p.a. over any rolling 5 year period

*Diversified Growth: CPI+ 4% p.a. over any rolling 7 year period

*All fees are excluding VAT                                                                


Past performance is not an indicator of future performance (The above information is for illustrative purposes only.) 

Why 1st Fusion Asset Management

Strategic Asset Allocation

Long term success is determined by achieving your goals consistently. Our view is that strategic asset allocation gives us the highest probability of achieving our clients' investment goals through an investment cycle. 



Low Cost

Only 0.80% p.a. (excluding VAT) in fees across our range of funds. 

Risk Management

Risk management is at the core of our investment process and portfolio construction. The preservation of client capital is at the forefront of our philosophy and implementation. A strong focus on diversification is key to mitigating unseen risks. 



What Makes Us Different

We blend the philosophy of multi-asset portfolio management with strategic portfolio management 

Superior Manager Selection

Strategic Portfolio Management

Long-Run Performance

1st Fusion Asset Management prides itself on the ability to assess and select suitable asset managers to manage certain mandates within our portfolio. This is achieved through a thorough qualitative and quantitative assessment of multiple managers whom we deem appropriate to be custodians of a portion of our client assets. The ability to blend managers on criteria much more rigid than historical performance allows for complementary asset management  strategies to work together to achieve client investment goals. 

Strategic asset allocation is the keystone of our portfolio management philosophy. The long term outcome of investment portfolios is primarily determined by asset allocation. 1st Fusion takes the importance of asset allocation to the next level by ensuring that all of our funds maintain a well constructed asset allocation at all times. This is done in order to improve the likelihood of our clients achieving their long term investment goals. Re-balancing is also an important facet of strategic asset allocation that we employ in order to harvest the benefits of the static asset allocations. 

Blending superior manager selection and strategic portfolio management in a formulated manner, we hope to harness the benefits of not only increased diversification relative to our peer group but also an increased focus on lower costs to achieve the stated performance goals in a more risk efficient manner.  

How to Invest

Financial Adviser

Our funds are currently available on the Investec, Momentum and Discovery Investment platforms. You can simply contact your financial advisor, who will assist you with investing in our funds.



Invest Directly

Alternatively, you can invest directly in 1st Fusion funds. Simply click the below button, complete the application form and send it to us directly.

1st Fusion Offshore Investments

1st Fusion offers a unique set of segregated portfolios. These portfolios focus on investors who wish to invest in offshore assets in offshore currency. This set of solutions provides investors with access to global investment markets from a multi-asset perspective.  The focus on efficient portfolio construction is pivotal to the clients investment outcomes. 

The portfolios offer a truly global strategic asset allocation, with a strong focus on “Smart Beta” building blocks. These portfolios try to encompass as much of the globe as possible which gives the overall selection many more sources of beta to optimise.


*These portfolios are subject to minimum investment requirements


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